Oh Heavenly Father,
Our beloved Heather has departed from this world and now returns to you.

Oh Lord, in Your mercy welcome Heather into Your heavenly kingdom. She has gone to her rest. Now she hopes to rise with You. Oh Lord, bring her into the light of your Divine Presence.

May she find eternal peace with You.
May she inherit Your kind forgiveness.
May she see You face to face.
You are our hope in this world. You are our resurrection and life. You are our Savior.

Let not grief overwhelm her family and friends, but out of our sadness let there arise a new joy.

Cast our fears and not let our hearts be troubled by mourning for our dear friend. Let your spirit of peace come alive within our hurt, our sorrow and our sadness.

Now that you have freed Heather from all evils, bring her into Your paradise where there is no more suffering but peace and joy with Your Son and the Holy Spirit.

We pray that You stay with Dan, Dean, Megan and Jack during their time of sorrow. You are their rock and strength.

May Heather’s soul Rest In Peace through Your mercy.